Wisconsin’s First and Only Nitrogen Ice-Cream Shop
Sale Price:   $250k or as low as $150k with terms

Mad Science Creamery opened at the end of 2015. Wisconsin’s first and only nitrogen ice cream shop with a really fun and edgy Wisconsin themed menu, it began to thrive in a small town in Waukesha County. Imagine what it could do in a larger city! Mad Science Creamery is now for sale. The owner spent a year developing all facets of the business but owns fine dining restaurants as well. The space the original Mad Science Creamery was needed for banquet space as it abuts one of the restaurants. All the real work was done and the business in just a year was near profit a year ahead of schedule. It was all dismantled and now sits in a storage warehouse in Hartland. We need to keep our focus on the restaurants and thus, we are considering the sale of the entire operation to the right person. This is a proven and tried working business. It is also fun and ripe with media opportunities and curiosity!

We will not sell it to the wrong person. We could eventually reopen it, but if a passion existed for the operation we would be willing to reduce the sale price and create a path that allows you access to us as a consultant. You would own the business entity. It is tried and trademarked and has been contested already legally on name which we fought and won. The brand and potential to franchise are strong and if we had the time, this would still be our plan.

With a space, and proper accommodations (plumbing, sinks, wash basins) this is a turnkey operation. We have three $14k mixer units with licenses. We have all the contacts you would need and a clear perspective of all the contractors and work you would need. In other words, we will add our consultation as restaurant developers to this sale price and save you hundreds of hours of stress. We have the enigma code to getting you quickly up and going, not to mention all the equipment and accoutrements you will need. As a side note, we have a menu that can be developed without a full kitchen with hood. If you know anything about the industry, you will see this as appealing.

 It’s not for anyone. We are looking to see the brand thrive and the franchise option come to fruition for you and your team. You could not replicate what you are purchasing for less than $150k less than what you would purchase here with us. We will share some of the initial cost with you and can discuss some of those options.